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serenity stranded

The husband is turning 30 next month, which means he gets to have the best. party. ever.  And I’m in charge!  <gulp>

He has requested a firefly-themed murder mystery, and so that means I have my work cut out for me.  <double gulp>

In preparation for the event, I knitted a couple of Jayne hats.  One for the birthday boy, and one for a party prize.  They really are quite cunning, someone is going to leave the party in style!

So now that THAT’S out of the way, time to get down to the story-writing.  And character assignment.  And invitations.  And menu-planning.  (Moldy-protein-chocolate-cake, anyone?)

I have decided on the title of this year’s story, and that’s ‘Serenity Stranded.’  As can be guessed from the title, Serenity is stuck … somewhere (still working on that part) … and it is up to the party-goers to figure out who’s the culprit!  I just couldn’t bear offing someone in the firefly ‘verse, (even though Joss doesn’t mind it) so this year’s murder mystery will be short on murder.  But hopefully not mystery!

Now to get busy writing …

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So you have in your circle of friends someone who wouldn’t mind being assigned to be a “companion”? wouldn’t they rather be River?

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