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a little bit luxe

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So while on my Kohling adventures, I took a stroll through the towels to try to find something suitable for my new bathroom.

With sage-green walls and light-taupe tile, I was leaning toward an orangey-rusty accent color, but the husband nixed that idea.  He hates red, orange, and everything in that color family, so that was a no-go.  Seeing that the master bath is where he starts the day, I figure he should get some say in how it’s decorated.

So we decided on purple.  But purple is kind of on the outs in bath colors at the moment, so it’s been hard to find a shade + texture that met my standards.  Every kind of green is available, as are neutrals (white, ivory, taupe, brown, chocolate, it’s all in your local bath store).  But purple is a more elusive find.

But I found the towels!  By none other than Vera Wang.  They are thick and luxurious, and they come in a lovely plum that accents my sage bathroom nicely.

And the husband approves.  So now I have wonderfully luxurious plum and taupe towels for my new bathroom.  Now all I need is bathroom shelves (or maybe a bench?), and my new room will be complete.

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