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wait – you’re joking, right?

The other day, the husband and I noticed that our new next-door neighbors had put rock in their flowerbed.  It’s a lovely rock, nice marble chips – but it is, nonetheless, banned.  By our over-protective HOA.

I finally caught one of the neighbors outside, and let him know the error of his ways.  He looked at me with a blank look when I told him rocks in landscaping were against HOA rules.  As I explained to him my HOA struggles, he suddenly registered what I was saying, and he stopped me with a flabbergasted, ‘Wait – you’re joking, right?’ 

I assured him that I was indeed being truthful, and I just wanted to warn them that the HOA may, at some future date, send them a nasty letter.

I still don’t think he believed me.  Here’s hoping he’s spared the fate of dealing with the HOA.

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Obviously the only sensible thing to do is write a long, irate, anonymous letter to the HOA about how this will adversely affect your property values.

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