the cat picks mccain –

the cat picks mccain

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The other night while I was watching politically minded tv, Forge slept soundly through Obama’s half-hour love fest.  When it was Mccain’s turn on Larry King, however, Forge jumped right up on the edge of the coffee table to get a better look.  He watched intently, and even stuck around for a minute or two after Mccain left in the hopes that he’d come back.

(I’m serious about that – Forge watches Meerkat Manor and the Dog Whisperer, and is somewhat aware of commercial breaks and that if he just waits it out, the show comes back.)

So, there you have it.  Forge 4 Mccain.  Of course, Forge also poops in sinks and eats bits of not-food off the floor – so I suppose it’s a good thing his vote doesn’t count.

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