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Dear Obama,

I was thinking about maybe voting for you.  And then you sent 17 people to my house in the last two weeks to convince me to vote for you.

I don’t talk to my family that often.  I don’t talk to my friends that often.  I don’t talk to my coworkers that often.  I barely talk to my husband that often.

So, consider me to be harassed into voting for someone else.


considering hermitage

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Oddly, I didn’t get a pop-in from Obama foot patrol until I after absentee voted. Or maybe I wasn’t home all the other times. But after telling the person I already voted, no one has visited (to my knowledge) since then.

Ha! Thanks for the webcomic, Hemisphire. I was thinking about posting a sign on my door, ‘Please, no more Obama-ters’, but perhaps a giant yard sign would be more effective.

And thanks for the ‘I already voted’ trick – it’s a little too late to use for this election, but I’ll keep it in mind if I get harassed in the future. 🙂

In discussions with your husband this morning, I think the problem is you should have told them you’d made up your mind. Otherwise it’s like leaving catnip out.

Ugh, the RNC was just as bad. We got a call from them darn near every night. Though it did make me feel really special when Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, and even John McCain left messages on my answering machine, begging for my vote.

That is funny! Alan actually would tell them he was undecided to get them to come and waste time. Not a tactic that I enjoyed. I think it is hilarious that your cat likes McCain.

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