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Woohoo!  Time for vacation #3 of the year.  🙂 

This trip takes us to the left coast and blizzcon.  I know, I know, we went to blizzcon last year, but the husband really wanted to see the diablo III unveiling.  And well, I’m not exactly complaining.  🙂

Yikes, I just consulted, and anaheim is 93 degrees right now.  The weekend forecast calls for 50 to 80 degree weather – let’s hope that holds true.

Vacations one and two of the year didn’t involve planes, so this’ll be our first flight with checked bag fees.  For the first bag!  Seriously unfair.  Needless to say, I’ve been consulting the tsa rules, and I think we’re now compliant with the 3-1-1.  So we – and every other person on the plane – can take our bags carry-on and fight over the limited overhead space.  I’m not much of a fighter, but the husband can be imposing when he wants to be, so I think we’ll be ok. 

I’ll get pics up of this year’s convention, and the husband will likely blog about all the game-ey stuff.  Me, I’m looking forward to my polar bear mount (my Venym is currently riding a chicken – a CHICKEN!!!  They put FIRE PONIES in the game, and then they force some characters to ride chickens).  Ooh, and the candy booth, if it’s back.  I sure could use a pound of fudge …

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