home improvements

happy, happy day!

I came home from work this evening to behold a most wondrous sight:

No paper taped to the living room floor.  No plastic up the stairs!  Or the hall or master bedroom!  As I rounded the corner into the bathroom, I held my breath and hoped against all hope that I would see something that would make me a very happy woman.

And there it was!!  My brand new shower finally has a glassed-in enclosure.  As I looked inside the shower and saw a razor-blade (the flat kind, like what you’d use to get stuff off of glass), a drill-bit and a step stool, I almost opened the door to clear it all out so I could enjoy my first shower.  But then I noticed the note on the door:  do not open until 9/10.

So, it looks like it’ll be another 2 days before I can fully test out my bathroom.  I suppose it’s just as well; I do need to get some new towels.  The old ones just won’t do.

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