The husband hates shopping for clothing.  With a passion.  He has never had to do it for himself; luckily, there have always been women in his life (grandmother, mother, girlfriends and now wife) who care deeply for him and want him to be clothed.

I have found a system that generally works – I buy 20 things online, they arrive at the house, the husband tries them on and picks what he likes, and then I return 15 things to the brick and mortar store.

But that doesn’t work so well with shoes.  Not only are 20 pairs of shoes more expensive than 20 t-shirts, but you often have to try on more than 20 pairs to find the one you like.  (Unless you’re me … then you try on 20 pairs of shoes and find 20 you like …)

So today I convinced the husband it would be a good day for shoe-shopping.  We are headed to the beach, and, well, he doesn’t have any beach-appropriate shoes.  His favorite pair is high-top hiking boots that involve a serious time-commitment to get on and off.  His other pair of shoes are black dress shoes that he only breaks out when he has to wear his suit. 

We went to several stores, with his mood souring at every one.  Everything was too expensive, or too uncomfortable, or took too long to get on and off.  He found a style he liked, but there were none in his size, so I made a mental note and decided I’d spend the next few weeks looking for a size 13 manly slide.

On our way out of the last store, however, he stumbled across the perfect beach shoe.  The size and color combination of his dreams wasn’t available, but that’s what the internet is for.

And so I have ordered his beach shoes, and they will arrive in plenty of time for our trip.

Now I just have to order 20 pairs of shorts, and we’ll be all set! 

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