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strippin’ in the backyard

A few weeks back, I picked up some stripping gloves.  At home depot.  A lovely orange pair, one size fits all.

I finally got around to trying them out today, in the backyard.  With all my basement painting, I decided I didn’t want to continue the trend of painting the breaker box cover the same as the walls.  Because, well, flat paint isn’t the best thing to use for something that people put their hands on.  And also, there were several chips in the paint, making the overall effect look haphazard and lazy.

And so I removed all that paint, with a little help from some pretty serious paint stripper.  And my stripping gloves.  (That just never gets old!)  And an old paint brush.  And a kitchen scrubby.  And some rags.

Once all the layers of paint were gone, I sprayed the cover with some metal-colored enamel spray paint.  Because I don’t mind if metal looks like metal.  

So yeah, I spent my afternoon strippin’ in the backyard.  And the husband is in vegas and missed the whole thing … 

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