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sometimes i feel bad after i eat

Since high school, I’ve noticed that sometimes after I eat, I feel … unsettled in my stomach.  Occasionally it results in the sudden purging of my stomach contents, but usually, if I just take it easy for an hour or so, I’m fine.

I’ve never really thought much about it, just been annoyed by it when it hits when I’m out running around and don’t have the pleasure of just waiting it out. 

I have long suspected that I have some kind of food sensitivity/intolerance/allergy, but I’ve   never wanted to do anything about it because the most common triggers (according to the internets) are milk and wheat.  And I loooooove me some chocolate chip cookies and milk.  And ice cream.  And breakfast cereal.  And pizza.  And cheese in everything.  And my daily chocolate.  My dear, dear, daily chocolate.

It’s seems that the last few years, things have really ramped up, so I’ve decided to finally do something about it.

So, this week, it’s goodbye to dairy.  :'(  And do you know that there is dairy in EVERYTHING??  And if I give up wheat, too, that means I can’t eat anything except for lettuce and strawberries.  Good thing I like strawberries.

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I’d go through the pain of going to the doctor to see if I’m allergic before going through the pain of withholding my body of such goodness that is dairy and wheat. Just sayin’!

Yeah, I just think my intolerance is so minor, it won’t trigger any of the tests. And in those cases, all the doc does is tell you to try a week without, then see how you feel. I can do that without a doc telling me it’s all in my head, thank you very much …

I wonder if it’s this area. I keep hearing that people move here and develop allergies (usually pollen and the like) within 3 years, if they are going to get them at all. I’m not sure how that translates to food allergies, but maybe something triggers something and one day you wake up and can’t handle wheat. hmph!

I’ve definitely developed allergies since I’ve moved here – I avoid going outside in the spring, and I take claritin year-round to take the edge off my never-ending sniffles. I do so wish my body didn’t like to attack itself so much …

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