back to sittin’ and eatin’ –

back to sittin’ and eatin’

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During my two weeks off, I was fairly active. And I didn’t eat as much as I normally do. Which meant my li’l britney belly started to disappear and my pants don’t fit no more …

It’s not that I was trying to eat less – I’m a big proponent of eating whenever I’m hungry. It’s just that I wasn’t hungry! I did a little googling, and I actually found that exercise is a natural appetite suppressant. According to ‘them’. On the ‘internets’.

But now, I’m back to work, and it’s back to constant eating: breakfast at 6 am, second breakfast at 9, lunch at 11, afternoon snack at 2, post-work snack at 5, dinner at 6, after-dinner snack at 8. My belly will be back in no time!

2 thoughts on “back to sittin’ and eatin’”

  1. halfling says:

    I have always suspected there was hobbit in our family tree

  2. akaemi says:

    LOL – so THAT’S the reason I never made it to 5’9″ …

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