party time: day 17 –

party time: day 17

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Alas, tis the last day of my vacation.  It’s a good thing, too, because I am EXHAUSTED.  Between walking all over DC and Baltimore, and painting my basement (NOT as easy as it sounds), my body is sore and quite ready for a nice, relaxing desk job.

Got up early today to attend the baptism (and worship services) of one of the neighbors.  We sat right up front, so the husband got the honors of video taping the little guy’s baptism.  At just 6 months old, he was rather composed and calm for the proceedings.  (The baby, not the husband.  Though the husband was also quite composed and calm.)

Put together my Sunday school lesson (complete with a match game!), then headed off for another 3 hours of church.  And only 2 of my kids showed up, so all my efforts couldn’t be fully appreciated.  Should have gone with hangman, no preparation needed there …

Decided the trim doesn’t need a second coat and put the basement back together, as much as it can be.  Need to buy some bookcases, vertical blinds for the sliding door, a skinnier printer cart, and a couple of comfy fireplace chairs.  After I, um, start getting paid again.

All in all, it’s been a great 17 days – even if my delicate programmer hands are now calloused and scratched up.  A few days at the new job should fix that right up.

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