road trip!

Ok, so it was more like a day trip. 

On Wednesday, I decided that I’d had enough of the same-old same-old, and informed the husband that we were going somewhere this weekend.  I wasn’t picky, but I wanted to get in the car and GO somewhere, and be GONE all day.

I had forgotten how much I love a good day trip, but the anniversary trip to good ol’ West Virginia last month reminded me.  We didn’t do anything fancy – toured the governer’s mansion, caught a concert, went the to art/science museum, shopped at the big mall, caught a community play, and ate at Shoney’s 3 times.  But it was a nice break in the routine.

So, Saturday we drove to Fredericksburg for a day of playing tourist.  We spent a couple of hours at a renaissance faire, a couple of hours walking around the shops downtown, dinner at Sonic, a ghost tour, and dessert at Sonic.

(Hmm, if Ashburn would just build a Shoney’s and a Sonic, I could die fat and happy right here ….)

Yeah, my feet are killing me – the college days of walking 5 miles a day are far behind me.  But there is something nice about going somewhere you’ve never gone just to experience something new.  And I suppose the Sonic doesn’t hurt …

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