my parents live in a different state

This evening, the phone rang.  Expecting a call from potential bathroom remodeler, I answered.  And had a conversation that went a little like this:

Me: Hello?

Telemarketer:  <just connecting to the conversation> Hello?

Me: <having recognized the tell-tale telemarketer phone clicks>Uh, hiiiiiii?

Telemarketer:  Is your mother or father there?

Me: Um.  My parents live in a different state.

Telemarketer: Oh.  <embarrassment sets in>

Me: I’m not interested today, but thank you!

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Better person than me.

When I hear that phone click I just hang up. No explanation. I’m terrible I know, they are just doing their jobs, but seriously. Go panhandle on the street. I give more money every month to beggars than I do to telemarketers. If somone calls and tells me that for free, they will give me a million dollars, and all I have to do is answer three questions about my toothbrushing habits, I have already hung up before they say million. “Hi, I’m not selling anything, we just wan” [click] I can’t believe how telemarketing companies stay in business. I wouldn’t give money to a political campaign that supported everything I stood for and wanted to pay me to be the vice chairman if they call me on the phone.

Maybe I should take lessons in nice from you. Also…
Bring back don’t even try to out nerd me!

My parents live in a different state too. My roommate could have been the one who called you. He works for a company that calls a lot of people.

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