ding dongs without the transfats? no thanks

Recently I had the opportunity to eat one of my childhood favorites:  a hostess ding dong!  I was expecting lush chocolatey goodness.  What I got was a mouthful of dry crumbly tasteless yuck.

So if you have a hankering for any of your favorite hostess treats, go ahead and pass.  They have sucked all the tasty transfats out and replaced them with tasteless crumbly dust. 

I have recently discovered, however, that hostess makes 100 calorie cupcake packs.  While they are the tiniest cupcakes you will ever lay eyes on, they are moist.  And very reminiscent of the old-school hostess cupcakes.  You know, before they sucked all the goodness out.

So if you have a need for hostess goodness, skip any of the old treats, and look for the 100-calorie packs.  These new treats were designed from the ground up having no transfats – and so they are surprisingly palatable.  While they aren’t as good as the original, they are MUCH better than what’s available now.

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