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rock garden ’08

rock garden

 So I finally got around to putting in my new, HOA-approved rock garden this weekend.  My moss plants came in the mail this last week, so I figured I should plant them.  Before they died sitting on the porch in their little plastic pots.  Now they can die planted in my garden! 

I’m still missing the plants that I’m supposed to put around the edge of my entire garden, and I’m not sure when they’ll be arriving.  Ordering plants via mail seems a little shady, so I’m half-expecting they won’t come at all.  Or won’t be alive when they make it here.

So why buy plants through the mail?  So the friendly neighborhood UPS man can wonder why he’s delivering a box with holes in it, of course!  And also because when I went down to the nursery on route 7 and priced out my plants, the total came to $450.  For plants?!  That I am going to kill in 6 months.  Because that’s what I do to plants. 

That was a big part of my motivation for a rock garden.  You can’t kill rocks.  (Though, I did learn on a show about werewolves this afternoon that rocks can fail.  Rock failure is what makes earthquakes happen.)  But thanks to the HOA and their personal vendetta against plant-less gardens, I am now required to put something green and growy in my garden.  Sigh.

So I found a reputable-looking website to buy my moss from.  For way way less money than the silly brick and mortar store.  And then I found a much less reputable-looking website to buy my creeping ground cover from.  Because they were the cheapest.  Guess that’s probably why it hasn’t arrived yet …

So here’s to hoping my moss grows.  Each tiny little clump is supposed to fill in a 12″ circle, so I made sure to plant them all 4 inches from each other.  Hmm, that’s probably bad mojo for gardening, maybe I’ve doomed my garden already.

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how close does the hoa get? how about plastic plants? easy seasonal change out.

LOL, I might have to try that if my other plants never arrive. The great thing about plastic plants is that, much like rocks, they don’t generate pollen.

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