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my custom shower design!

One of my old coworkers tipped me off to google sketchup for 3D modeling, and I have designed a custom bath/shower for my upcoming bathroom remodel!  And the husband has agreed it is a nice design.  Now the question is, is it an AFFORDABLE design?  That remains to be seen …

what a perfect shower    my perfect shower!  

Here’s the google sketchup file, if you wanna see it in more detail: custom shower – google sketchup file

The total length of the shower is 8 feet, 2 inches, which means it’ll fit nicely in the space that is now my shower and bathtub.  It uses a 6 foot long drop-in soaking tub.  That means the inside will be at least 5′ 6″ – meaning I can lay down in it!  I’m not a big person, but a regular 5 foot tub is just not big enough for a bath – there always has to be some part of me that isn’t submerged.  It is NOT a whirlpool tub, because I just can’t maintain a whirlpool tub.  You have to clean those things like every 2 weeks to prevent stackybockus.  And cleaning something I use once every 6 months is really not anywhere on my list of things I’ll ever do.

The walls are lined with marble in my design, but I imagine that I can’t really afford that part.  So it will likely turn into tile.  Or maybe something cheaper than tile …

There is a seat at the end of the tub – probably too far away to use for leg shaving, but perhaps a hand-shower with a long enough hose will alleviate that?

There are shelves at the end of the tub for shampoo and such.  I’d like to think I could maybe keep some towels in there, but the husband thinks they’ll get wet …

I’m not a pro with the google sketchup, so the glass ‘windows’ into the shower are really supposed to be some kind of doors.  Probably the sliding kind.

So that’s my dream tub/shower!  Here’s to hoping I can afford it …

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