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bad bad news from the mold man

The mold man gave his diagnosis, a shower wall and floor full of the oh-so-scary stackybockus

The worst part isn’t the toxic headache and fatigue inducing substance.  The worst part is the price tag for removing it all.  And, after forking over a few thousand dollars, we will be left with a giant hole in our living room ceiling.  And an unusable shower in the bathroom that already has an unusable tub. 

So, it looks like that trip to Italy will have to be postponed, as we get ready to remodel the bathroom.  Which sucks and all, but I do realize I have a pretty awesome life if my choices are: go to Italy, or get a new bathroom?  In an economy where many are choosing between groceries or gas, I’ll gladly take my lumps.

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House repairs suck. I’m fairly certain that Sarah and I will be completely replacing our wood floors before too long. Honestly, I think in some circumstances you can save more money in the long run by just renting an apartment for your entire life and never buying a house (and the repair bills that come with).

Saying everyone should eventually buy a house, is like saying everyone should go to college. In my opinion both college and home ownership are not for everyone. I miss the days of dorm living when we had a cleaning person that came to clean our showers and bathroom every week.

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