march = maintenance month

The other evening my biggest (and, lets be honest, only) fan was forced to talk to me via IM as I have not posted in awhile.  And how do I know he’s my biggest fan?  you might ask:  google stalk-a-lytics.  That’s right, there’s a GIANT dot on my parent’s hometown.  And then a similar GIANT dot on the town my dad works in.   I mean, seriously, dad, I only post a couple times a week max … no need to hit my blog 8 times a day … though, my google analytics numbers do appreciate it …

So, March has been a month of getting everything fixed.  I have had to leave early and go in late so much, I’m sure my coworkers are starting to wonder if I really work anymore.

From vent cleaning to oil changes to new tires to 5 fillings, (and I’m not even done yet …) to having a plumber cut a hole in my ceiling, to having a mold-man take a closer look at the hole in my ceiling, to a new cruise control sensor, everything just seems to be needing work.  Which means doling out an awful lot of money …

I. paid. a. plumber. $200. to. cut. a. HOLE. in. my. LIVING. ROOM. CEILING. so. she. could. tell. me. the. pipes. were. fine.  And then she left.  And now I have a HOLE in my CEILING. 

I am currently waiting for the mold man.  I am going to pay him $150 to LOOK at my water damage situation.  He was cheaper than the first guy I called.  (Oh, btw, my shower is leaking into the living room.  Because the husband and I are caulk-deficient slubs.)

Depending on what he finds, I will likely give him much, much more money to destroy my house.

And then I may need to find someone else to fix the rampant destruction.  I’m sure the mold man could do it, but I hate my tub and shower.  I don’t want him to restore my bathroom to its previous state.  If it’s going to be torn up, I want to put something better in.

So, for all my fans, that’s where I’ve been.  Giving all my money away so I can get my house, my cars, and me fixed up. 

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Well, if you would of just gotten the cruise control fixed when you first noticed it, this march would of been that much cheaper. You did inherit the Roseberry procrastination gene. Ha.

LOL, true, it has been 8 or 9 months since I noticed it – but next month is the first road trip we’re taking since then. Which is what brought the broken cruise control to mind …

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