water water everywhere

So, with the discovery of my 9 cavities, I have stopped drinking sugar.  (To be honest, I’ve had a lemonade, a cranberry grape juice, and two sprites in the last few weeks …)

Which means I must drink water.  At first, it really wasn’t my favorite – but then it started growing on me.  Yesterday, I drank 64 ounces of water.  And I went to the bathroom about 20 times.

And now, I’m thirsty all the time!  Always for water.  My new fridge with the water in the door has never been so appealing.  It takes that Ashburn taste right out of the water.  (I supposedly live in one of the richest cities in one of the richest counties in the richest country on the planet – and my tap water tastes horrible!  I should be able to pick the flavor of my water …. just sayin’ …)

So it seems that I might just be able to stick with this change.  At least until I get all those cavities filled ….

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That makes me wonder how much flouride is in our Ashburn water, and whether a Brita filter filters the flouride out. ‘Cause it sounds like you could use the flouride.

The only reason I haven’t gotten any cavities recently is less about good eating and more about not having any tooth interiors anymore. So I’m good–at least until cavity bacteria learns how to eat through fillings…

Yeah, I’ve often wondered if flouride gets removed by a filter. And I’m sure my 4 years in utah-oh-no-don’t-put-flouride-in-the-water-it-will-KILL-you didn’t do good things for my teeth. I never had a cavity till I got to BYU …

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