don’t even try to out-nerd me …

I have the hugest polo collection you’ve ever seen.  Red, yellow, a couple blue ones, brown, dark gray, light gray, striped, you name it, I have it.  (Except for pink.  There’s no room for pink in my collection …)

It’s strange, how something that started out so preppy, has become an icon of nerdliness.  In my office of software-developing geeks, we all wear polos.  Having left the comfort of hoodies and t-shirts with obnoxious (but clever!) slogans behind in our college days, we have embraced the next best thing:  The polo t-shirt. 

Because, honestly, it has (almost) all the comfort of a tshirt.  But with a real collar, it has a place in the professional workplace.  Even though our managers might like to see more buttons, longer sleeves, and, well, clothing that requires ironing, the polo t-shirt is here to stay.  And I have a collection to rival the best of ’em.

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