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i can quit any time …

Yesterday, at work, while I ate peanut m&ms, it dawned on me that I can’t remember a day, in recent history, in which I didn’t eat chocolate. 

I don’t really consider myself a chocoholic.  I mean, I like chocolate.  I like it a lot.  But a chocolate addict?  Surely not.  Surely I could go one day without eating chocolate.  And on that day with no chocolate, not miss it.  Never entertain a thought of, “boy, I sure would like a Snickers.”

Growing up, I remember my mom ALWAYS having a chocolate stash in her room.  I mean a SERIOUS stash.  Usually it was a 5 pound bag of m&ms, hershey’s kisses, or hershey’s miniatures.  I did partake on occasion (sorry, mom), but I always found it a little odd that she kept chocolate in her bedroom.  A LOT of it.  ALL the time.

And then I grew up.  My true appreciation for chocolate developed during my junior year at college – I had a particularly stressful class load, and I had moved into a new place with all new roommates.  Five of them.  That’s right 6 girls in one apartment … if that’s not a recipe for disaster, I don’t know what is.  Anyway, on really stressful nights, I would make a chocolate run – for two or three candy bars and a brownie mix.  And not just any brownie mix – it had to be a 9×13 brownie mix.  I would eat one candy bar on the way home.  I would eat one while the brownies were baking.  And then I would eat half a pan of brownies.  (Making a 9×13 ensured that I got what I needed – you don’t just make brownies when you live with 5 other women and NOT expect to share.)

Thankfully, those days are behind me.  I mean, the days where I eat half a pan of brownies in a frenzied state where I just NEED to get CHOCOLATE inside of me, no matter how sick to my stomach it might be making me.  I do still have times when I really need some chocolate, but usually one candy bar will do the trick.

So – a chocoholic?  Surely not. But …. I did start my day out with a giant junior mint … (I’m serious about it’s size, it’s a two-bite mint.)  And then I had some hot cocoa at work.  No chocolate at lunch … but 3 oreos when I got home.  And, well, it’s perfectly normal to have a chocolate stash.  Isn’t it?

I’m not an addict.  I can quit any time I want …

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