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I’m distributing my Christmas newsletter via blog! Never heard of a Christmas newsletter? It’s a long-standing tradition in my family to deluge the world with a ‘Christmas newsletter’ with all the year’s happenings. Instead of mailing it out in print, I’ve decided to use electronic media. That way, my 5 readers who might care can get the scoop, and the 32 other people I sent Christmas cards won’t have to be all, “as if I care,” as they toss it in the trash.

So here’s the wrap-up for 2007!

The cats and I rang in the year with the assembly of my Lego Batmobile. The turtle … burrowed under her newspapers and ate a lima bean. And the husband … did something exciting, I’m sure, on his computer in the basement.

The husband got a promotion to timesheet-approver of 5 hapless souls. My boss decided that I don’t completely suck, and has allowed me to keep working and drawing a paycheck.

We dropped directv, and moved to cable.

I built a rock garden, tore up a rock garden, got approved to build a rock garden, joined the HOA ARB, and got kicked off till I get my act together and clean up my disgrace of a fenced-in backyard. A fenced in backyard that nobody can see except for the people and critters who live in my house, and, apparently, members of the HOA Board who like to hang out in random people’s backyards.

We got sunburns on our sunburns in San Diego.

The cats shoved 14 toys under the refrigerator and range. Oh, let me be honest: Forge shoved 13 toys under the refrigerator and range. Havok managed to get one lodged under the range, but he didn’t intend to. Because, well, he sorta understands that you can’t play with a toy that you can’t reach.

Our AC went out during the hottest part of the summer. Ah, that was good times.

WE GOT CLEANING LADIES. If you have it in your budget, I highly recommend it for the cleaning averse. I HATE HATE HATE cleaning bathrooms, they gross me out – plus, it’s not a quick task when you put it off for as long as possible. I never have to do it anymore. Also, I rarely have to vacuum or sweep or mop anymore. And, there’s nothing like that feeling on the first or third Tuesday evening of the month, that I’m not gonna wipe off my counters cuz there are people coming tomorrow who will do it for me. Juvenile, maybe, but it’s a nice feeling.

We moved from cable to FIOS.

Forge found a new hiding place, in the rafters of the utility room. It keeps him safe from visitors, except, well, the heating/AC folks and the cleaning ladies. And the FIOS installer, he REALLY gave her a start when she noticed him hovering a few feet above her head.

I made it to level 70 with my wow character. And then I proceeded to stop playing wow. Ah, well, the husband is getting some use of my level 70 hunter.

We attended The husband’s 10 year reunion. The husband is still not popular.

Tortellini ate 20 yellow squashes, 4 zucchini squashes, and over 2000 lima beans. She is really doing her part to make sure children in the area will be spared the awful fate of “vegetable eating.”

The husband and his work buddy launched, which is now bringing in actual money! Not enough to quit the day jobs kind of money, but perhaps almost enough to make it pay for itself.

The husband’s friends left 37 comments on my blog. His family, 10. My friends? 8. My family, 4. Clearly, I need to recruit some more friends and family. Or maybe, find some friends who like to read and comment on silly blogs …

The husband mowed the lawn on 5 occasions, and weed-eated 4 times. Still not enough to make the HOA happy, but, well, what are you going to do? Get blacklisted from joining the ARB? did not make me famous. In fact, it did not bring in a single penny. It had 290 visitors, 280 of whom have only visited once. Guess maybe I should find a purty girl to base my site on …

We put up Christmas lights for the first time ever! They aren’t quite as pretty as the Amy-house, but, well, there’s always next year.

We joined linked in and facebook. The husband is immensely more popular than myself. Most of my friends are really his friends.

We watched 27 movies.

And yes – we had no babies.

Happy Holidays, from

akaemi, the husband, tortellini the grouchy, havok the OCD, and forge the sink-pooper

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Love from …. Scotts Lawn Care?? We did have them service our lawn this year (and it looks better than ever) – but I didn’t know that would make them a loyal reader. 🙂

I haven’t allowed any of those link spam sites to comment on my blog – I think they just do it for the eyeballs for their ads. I like the newsletter, I didn’t know you had a turtle or a sink pooper (beats noise phobia and separation anxiety).

The husband surmised that because I had the words ‘lawn’ and ‘care’ in the very same article, the Scott’s Lawn link spam site has decided I must have written an article about caring for one’s lawn. Little do they know …

I’m glad you enjoyed the newsletter! And thanks for leaving a not-spam comment. 🙂

hey, how come i never received a holiday email. i’m 1 of your readers and everything…you’re lame!!
happy holidays,

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