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has it been 10 years?

Whew, not yet. I still have one more year, but the reunion rumblings have already started. I just got word from one of my new facebook buddies (and old high school friend) that it is scheduled for next August. Kudos to the class of 98 class presidency, they are seriously on top of things!

I just accompanied my husband to his 10 year reunion. In high school, my husband was not popular. He had a few really good friends, but didn’t really hang with the popular crowd. And the people who ignored him 10 years ago … ignored him at the reunion. Now, I realize that communication is a 2 way street; if he wanted to re-connect with all those people, he could have gone up and talked to them. But he found, just as they probably found, that he didn’t really care to re-connect. He spent 4 years of his life co-existing with them, followed by 10 years of not thinking about them. So one more weekend of not interacting with them didn’t really hurt his feelings.

Luckily for my husband, one of his really good high school buddies was there – so we mostly hung out with him and his adorably pregnant wife. He did get a chance to catch up with some other friends, but most of the people he was friendly with in high school didn’t make a showing at the reunion.

I was even less popular in high school than my husband was at his.  At the time, there were probably like 10 people who knew I existed, and maybe 3 of them would have considered themselves my friend.  10 years later, there are probably now 3 people who remember my existence – and they are already my facebook friends.  And, well, catching up through facebook is much easier than getting a plane ticket, hotel, and car – just to remember all those awkward high school moments that I have spent the last 9 years working to forget.

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Wow, way to make me feel old – my 20th is next year. And yeah, I’m thinking of going, even though my situation is somewhere in the middle of you two (although if my best friend doesn’t attend, I may reconsider). I skipped my 10th – had a concert that night, and I had to set priorities.

lol, from what I hear, you have a concert almost every night. 🙂 Sounds like you won’t really be going to your 20th either, if that’s your criteria. 🙂

I really like the comment about my pregnant wife — I think she’s adorable, too. 🙂 Tell Josh hello for me.

Hey, thanks for commenting! And I hoped you passed my sentiments along to the missus, I’m sure she could use a little boost now that she’s in the home stretch. 🙂

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