to boldly go …

Where I’ve never gone before. Growing up, that’s what b1 always was for me, just one step ahead of where I was. Always ahead of me in school, always ahead of me in what he was allowed to do. It could be frustrating – like when I had to wait till I was 12 to use the stapler (a rule introduced when b2 stapled himself to … himself). I had many a “project” that I had to get stapled by b1, until I was old enough to have the privilege of doing it myself. But, more than often, it was a hint as to what was next.

Now that we’re grown up, though, I’ve finally caught up, for the most part. The one last thing that he’ll always have on me is his age. I’ll never be able to pass that one up. 🙂

Today my brother takes a step into an age that really, truly marks him as an adult. There is no more denial, no more hiding behind the excuse of youthful folly. So happy 30th b1! Don’t let it get you down … Just remember, I’m not far behind …

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