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don’t even try to out-nerd me …

I almost got invited to a ninja vs. pirates party. And I was absolutely excited about it!

I contemplated dressing like a pirate – I do have knee-high pirate socks. But when it comes down to it, ninjas are just cooler. A touch of the supernatural, finely honed fighting skills – plus awesome clothing. I have two kimonos, one chinese dress, and a vietnamese pantsuit-dress thing – so I had the outfit down. All I needed was a samurai sword, and I woulda been totally ready to get my lucy liu on.

But, alas, the party never happened, and I was never invited. I’m still keeping my eyes out for a samurai sword, though – I want to be ready for my next invite.

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I promise next year you will be invited to a pirates vs. ninja party. I missed the party myself this year, but last year was a great one. My current landlords/roomates/friends host one. I went in my best suit, and a ninja hood as the CEO of the ninja clan.

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