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they do exist!

I’ve been telling people that I was taking today off to wait for the FIOS man. I had the brief thought that there was no reason my tech had to be male, but I brushed the thought aside, seeing as, well, I’ve never had a woman set up my cable, phone, directv, or internet service.

But it turns out, female FIOS techs do exist! She’s wiring up my house as I speak. She was a little wary of my two-cablecards-in-the-tivo setup, but I think I’ve talked her into giving it a try. And that wariness has nothing to do with her gender; my Comcast cable man had similar misgivings.

A lady tech ranks right up there with a female airline pilot, or a woman-owned car dealership. You know they must exist, but I’ve never been on a flight piloted by a woman, nor do I recall ever driving past a car dealership with a woman’s name plastered all over it. (To be fair, some car dealerships just have a last name, or they are named for some landmark, so who’s to know who actually owns the place if all you do is analyze the signage.)

So, heres to ladies who aren’t afraid to give “man-jobs” a try: you go, girls!

Edit: I just ordered a pizza and got a pizza girl! Girl power is strong today!

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