soy milk

blech. I thought I would give it a try, especially after it was recommended by my sister, but I really don’t like it. At all. I bought the ‘vanilla’ flavor, thinking it would help mask the soy flavor, but I found it bitter. And with a really horrible aftertaste that stuck with me for hours. I had it on my cereal, so I wasn’t like I was just drinking it by itself.

So – for any soy milk lovers out there – if I stick with it, does it get better? Does it get less bitter? Did I pick the wrong flavor? Did I pick the wrong brand? Do I need to make sure it’s supa cold before I drink it? I made the switch to lactose-free milk a while back, and that definitely took some time to get used to – and it’s based on actual milk.

I should know better than to try foods recommended by family. My dad likes greek olives, my mom likes kimchi, and my older brother likes a whole host of foul smelling foods, including buttermilk, sour kraut, and emmenthaler cheese. Perhaps I’ll finally learn my lesson …

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cold high dollar chocolate is the only palatable kind.i use high dollar vanilla on my cereal. there are people who eat fish cured in lye. everything is an acquired taste.

I usually get the chocolate flavored soymilk. Brother number 2 doesn’t drink any of it.
By the way, Emmentaler isn’t all that stinky. You should try Gruyère or (if you can find it) Appenzeller if you want a stinky cheese.

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