don’t even try to out-nerd me …

I own Which is my name. As a domain name. And I love it!

Admittedly, I didn’t come up with the idea to buy That genius actually lies with my husband. was born right before last Christmas – and it’s the best thing I’ve ever gotten, right up there tied with a surprise weekend trip to Hershey, PA. (Again, the genius of my husband.)

Also, would not have been possible without the incredible foresight of my mother. My name is actually based on the Japanese name, Akemi. And if you go to – you get redirected to some german site that manufactures adhesives. Yeah. German adhesives. My mother threw in the extra ‘a’ in my name, in an attempt to westernize it – so that it would be easier for people to pronounce upon first reading it. That seems to have only worked for about 10 people, but one benefit of the extra a is that I have a unique, domain-nameable, name. And that, is frickin’ awesome.

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In order to make the contest fair, i’ll happily sit out, otherwise, I would probably dominate. Unless somebody has been using Linux, as an end user (i.e. no Windows period ) for over 10 years, has been an active contributor to the open source initiative (, is a perl hacker that has used perl’s regex package since perl 5 (i.e. the same regex package that java claims, in its own javadocs, that its own regexes are based on) and … no need to further elaborate … i win.

However (and this is a big however), if you are judging nerdlyness on other things ( the intangiables ), then my chances may dwindle.
You see, instead of playing video games, going to star trek conventions and/or collecting comic books (AS a TEEN or ADULT ), i actually played football, basketball and baseball.. yeah i was a jock ( and a good one ).
Also, instead of looking the stereotype of ‘the wormy lookin nerd’, i’m actually tall (6’3″), fit (240lbs with a 33″ waist) and good looking.
In fact (this is another strike against me if the intangiables counted), after high school, instead of going directly to the nearest Computer Science department, I joined the navy to serve my country and while there, I joined the special forces (SEAL Team 3).
Then, after positively contributing to society, i went to college and (uh oh, another strike coming up) never played video games, however, i played sports, got laid all the time (i know, i know, not very nerdy of me) and made straight A’s (sorry guys, i’m also really smart).

With all that said, since the contest doesn’t require a submitted photo, i may have a chance. Otherwise, i would be reduced to the cultural stereotype (by my nerdy peers and colleagues) as “dumb jock and good looking lady’s man”….

From a CS perspective, if you judge me, i’ll be fine, however, if you judge me based on the nerd’s lifestyle, then i’m screwed…. are you guys capable of having a fair contest…thats the real question????

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