two year itch

I recently took a new job for the simple reason that I had been sitting in one place for too long. The work was challenging, the mission worthwhile, the customer hungry for what I had to offer, and the colleagues were among the best in the industry. But, alas, I suffer from a 2 year itch – and so it was time to go.

I opted not to send out a mass email to my coworkers, to thank them for an amazing 2 years, because I hate it when I get those things from people who just send them out to a group address, and I don’t even know who they are. I make fun of those people. But I didn’t want to just send it out to a list of people I made up, in case I inadvertently left someone off the list, and ended up hurting their feelings forever, which might cause them to run me off the road in a chance encounter 15 years down the line. And who likes being run off the road? Especially in the shiny new Lexus I’m sure to be driving 15 years from now.

So then I had the brilliant idea to thank my old colleagues in my blog! Then the 1 person who reads my blog might point it out to the 2 or 3 other people who actually care.

So here it is:

The last two years have been amazing. But, alas, I suffer from a 2 year itch, and so it was time for me to go. Also, there’s actually an unalterable law of the universe that if you have two female developers working in the same place at the same time, you risk planetary implosion. And, well, Teresa’s rock beat out my scissors …

It was a really hard decision to leave – it’s not every day that you have challenging work, supportive management, and the resources that you need to be successful as you fulfill a mission that has world-changing impact. And it’s especially not every day that you get to work with a team of people as great as you all are. Working on the team, you very much get the sense that it’s a hand-picked group of talent. And not only is everybody very skilled at what they do, it’s also a team who knows how to work together, who’s not interested in playing politics or fighting turf wars, and who was always willing to help me out when I needed it. And – well, you all know – I needed plenty of help. 🙂 There wasn’t hardly a day that went by that I wasn’t asking someone for something – whether it was for yet another explanation of what the 36 different IDs mean, or help with installing and configuring a tool, or getting clarification on how a particular process worked, or having files transferred from one network to another, or help in getting a a web server built, or … the list could go on and on.

I hate to be cliche, but it was truly an honor and a pleasure to work with you all. And I especially thank you for respecting me as a fellow human being, and treating me with respect. Thank you for being the kind of place I could climb under my desk to plug in a lamp, and not emerge to find that a crowd had gathered to gaze upon my upturned derri̬re. Even though it is 2007, there are still places that the gender war is still being fought Рthank you for being a place where I could leave that particular chip on my shoulder at the door.

And a special thanks to my officemates: I had no idea that I could learn so much and work so hard, and simultaneously have so much fun and consume sooooo much chocolate.

So, thank you. I already miss you all, and I sincerely hope that I get the opportunity to work with you again in the future.

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So, you think there’s more chocolate on the other side? Well, that maybe so, BUT ..ok so there isn’t an other side, but being all high and mighty sounded like a good idea.

Anyways, if you need a bunch of tough geeks to handle any sort of HOA rock-garden-hatin lets-pick-on-the-girl problems, we all got ya back. Seriously? Seriously. Seriously!

Im N yur coments, diggin yer blogz.

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