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As he occasionally does after a particularly rough day, my husband decided he needed a Maggie Moo’s chocolate shake. So after our brief trip to the grocery store, we stopped off at the ice cream place.

There’s a smoothie place 3 doors down from the ice cream place where they sell dairy-free treats. Maggie Moo’s even makes dairy-free smoothies. But there’s something about going into an ice cream parlor that renders me incapable of making a good dietary decision. Because I happen to love ice cream; I used to eat it for breakfast, back in my college days. I used to ALWAYS have a half gallon in my freezer. It used to be one of my four major food groups.

But then, as happens, I got older and my body decided it HATED me. My dairy intake has slowly diminished as my body has become more and more adamant that milk is evil. This enables me to live an uneventful life, devoid of … well, I don’t need to go into details.

But, there I was, at Maggie Moo’s, looking at all my choices. Ordering a regular raspberry roller coaster. Enjoying my wonderfully delicious, freshly “mixed” ice cream. By the time we made it home, however, it was already apparent to me that ice cream was a bad idea. Even though I had barely made it through half my treat, there was definitely some abdominal discomfort goin’ on. So what did I do? I stopped eating my ice cream, of course. And I put it in the freezer, so that this whole debacle can start again tomorrow …

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