tada! podcasts!

So, after having to work really hard to get b3 to read the blog I wrote just for him (ok, so maybe it was for b1 and b2, too), one of my coworkers suggested that I should start doing podcasts as well. So I googled ‘make podcast’, and found some great tutorials that all suggested audacity paired with the lame mp3 encoder for podcast creation – and then I checked my list of available blog plugins, and lo and behold, there was podPress.

The hardest part was figuring out how to turn on my microphone. I’ve never needed it before, so it would seem that it was all turned off in some obscure windows audio input volume controller. (Hint: it doesn’t do any good to raise the mic volume if you don’t check the ‘select’ box under the mic input.)

So, once I got all that squared away, I found a nice short blog – ode to transfats – recorded it, exported to mp3, uploaded to my site, and added it to my ode to transfats post.

So – b3 – you have no more excuses! You know my site (c’mon …. it’s my NAME …) – and you have ears.

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The podcasts are a nice addition. I think you would make a good children’s book narrator, maybe for a show like Sesame Street or Reading Rainbow or something. LeVar Burton FTW!

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