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The kitchen is coming along swimmingly! My husband is stressed because everything is a mess – and we can’t watch tv in the living room due to a dining room table being between the couch and the tv. Which means we have to watch tv upstairs, without the benefit of a tivo. Which means we actually have to watch shows when they come on! And with commercials. It’s quite a sacrifice, but I think maybe we can tough it out for a few more days.

In my attempt to converse with the tile guy who doesn’t know much english, I think I may have told him to work 10 hours tomorrow. 🙁 That really wasn’t my intent – I just wanted to know how much longer it was going to take. I really don’t care if it takes 2 more days or 4 more days, I was just curious. I think he asked me how long he could stay tomorrow, he pointed to his watch and suggested 5 or 6, and I said 5, to try to minimize stranger-in-the-house-stress on my husband. Then I think he asked how early he could come, and I said 7 was fine, we’re both out of the house by then. He seemed very happy about the prospect of coming at 7, so I hope that means he’s excited at the prospect of being able to leave at 3.

The countertop guy is coming tomorrow, to give me a quote on new countertops. Which means I should probably decide on a color. I’m the most useless girl on the planet, I have no eye for color whatsoever. (Back on the west coast, my interior-design-degreed mother is wondering where she went wrong …)

I have another dilemma, with the lighting in the kitchen. Santana suggested recessed lighting, which I think will look really nice. ($$$Resale Value$$$) The problem is, is that recessed lighting is not as bright as the existing 2-tube flourescent light fixture we have in the kitchen now. The flourescent light fixture that my husband LOVES. Because it is so bright. I found a picture at of a kitchen with a flourescent light, as well as recessed lighting, so I’ll see if Santana will do that. I just got back from a trip to the real home depot, where I found the flourescent light fixture that I hate the least. It turns out, I hate all light fixtures. A lot. I think they are all ugly. Why can’t someone make nice light fixtures? Maybe THAT will be my new job. Light fixture designer …

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