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afternoon djs

I really don’t like my afternoon DJs. They have annoying voices, they are obnoxious, they say dumb things, and everytime I hear them speak I wish they’d hurry up and put another song on already. I may have thought that the bad-DJ phenomenon was coincidental, but I have 4 radio stations, and they all have bad afternoon DJs.

My morning DJs are nice. They have pleasant voices. They are funny. They talk about interesting and amusing things. In short, they make my drive to work a little more enjoyable.

So why does it all fall apart in the afternoon? I would think that radio stations would want to put their best and brightest on the air during commute times, as that is when they get the most listenership. Either good DJs are hard to find, or radio stations don’t value my patronage. Which is a-ok with me, my iPod never lets me down.

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You’re on the wrong coast. dj’s are syndicated now-play tons of markets at the same time thru a sat link. my afternoon dj is great-the other washington-he’d be your 6-10 dj

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