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ode to the tostadita

My husband has to hear me complain about how I can’t get my tostadita at baja fresh anymore at least once a month, so I thought I’d commit my complaint to the written word.

My love of the tostadita stems from the fact that, though I am a grown adult, I cannot eat adult-sized portions. I cannot eat a 1200 calorie meal in one sitting. I just don’t have it in me. Don’t get me wrong, over the course of a day, I can put away close to 3000 calories (I don’t do that EVERY day, mom, don’t worry). I just can’t do it in one sitting.

And so comes my abuse of children’s menus in fast food restaurants everywhere. Happy meals, Adventure meals, you name, I’ve eaten it. And thus, I discovered the tostadita at baja fresh.

The tostadita (from the children’s menu, of course) was a small flour tortilla shell (deep-fried, just the way nature intended) with a scoop of beans (black or pinto), a scoop of rice, a scoop of steak (or chicken), a scoop of pico de gallo, and a sprinkling of cheese. I loved the tostadita. I loved it every time I went to baja fresh. But, apparently I was the only person on the planet who ever ordered it, because they removed it from their children’s menu.

And now, I must eat the tostada. Or, rather, I must spend 7.89 to eat half the tostada and throw the other half away (you can’t save a deep-fried tortilla). The tostado, however, is filled with lettuce – and guacamole, no matter how much I ask them to not put that green squishiness on it – and is most decidedly missing rice. It’s not quite the same as my beloved tostadita – but perhaps it’s time I graduated to grown-up food.

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