general complaints

fame and fortune

Alas, blogging has not brought me the fame I had hoped it would. I had high hopes of being discovered as an up-and-coming writer, and getting a book deal. Or, perhaps, a paying writing gig such as the folks at Television Without Pity get.

But, here it is, two months later and no one has discovered me. The only people that read my blog are people I harass into reading it. (That would be my family and my friends, I haven’t yet resorted to passing out the URL to people at the grocery store. Though, that *might* expand my reader-base…)

I had grand plans to quit my day job, publish new york times best sellers from time to time, and to travel the world. Then, I could write a new york times best seller about traveling the world! Who wouldn’t want to read that?

My husband tells me I need to have a large collection of articles for potential publishers to read, before I can get famous. So here’s one more article for the pile o’ discovery.

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