too many hobbies

The older I get, the more I realize that there is just not enough time in the day. After 9 or 10 hours of working (only 8 of working, I’m no workaholic, 1 or 2 is reserved for commuting and lunch), and then another 7 for sleeping, and that doesn’t leave much free time.

Free time for shopping! I love malls, outlet malls, Target, Best Buy, office supply stores, Costco, sporting good stores, furniture stores, home goods stores, craft stores, book stores, dollar stores – I’m not picky. I don’t even need to buy anything to have a good time shopping. It’s all about the pursuit of that perfect thing, of researching available options, of watching the sales, and of finally finding the ultimate whatever.

Free time for video games! Yup, I said it. I am a solitaire addict, and I spent months honing my mah jong game so I could beat my dad (1 minute, 47 seconds). My current passion, however is World of Warcraft. I love that game! For anyone who cares, I have a level 50 leather-making troll hunter and a level 40 potion-making tauren warrior. There are so many aspects to the game, it’s something almost anyone can get into. My husband likes the raiding, where you organize 40 people to play for 6 hours to accomplish a common goal. Me, I like my leather-making and potion-making professions. And the auction house, so I can sell my leather goods and magical potions! Shopping, now that’s something I can really get into.

Free time for knitting. I just took it up, but knitting is kinda fun. I’m halfway through one baby blanket that I’m going to give to my friend who’s having twins in october – as long I can finish a second blanket, that is… It’s going to be rough going, I think, to pull it off, but I’m up for the challenge.

Free time for my tv shows! Luckily, it’s the summer, so I’ll have a little break from ER, Lost, Gilmore Girls (I don’t even know why I watch anymore, that show has turned into such a disappointment, I guess I feel like I invested so much time in it, I have to stick it out), and then all my husband’s reality tv. We are currently watching all 7 seasons of Voyager, in preparation for the Star Trek Convention, so that will keep us busy till August. We’ve almost made it through 2 seasons. It’s gonna be a long summer…

Free time for road trips! I love road trips. To anywhere. Annapolis, Baltimore, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Norfolk (check out the naval museum, they let you pet sharks), New York City, Niagara Falls, Philadelphia, Hershey PA (chocolate and shopping = HEAVEN), Boston, it’s fun to just get in the car and go someplace. Except for Boston, the drive there was no fun – next time, I’m flying.

Free time for playing with my mac! I love my adorable little mac, and I feel bad for neglecting it. As we speak, I’m sitting in my husband’s recliner with my laptop. I really do like my mac, but there’s just something about a recliner… and there’s also something about the 62 degree basement… brrrr!

Free time for taking my turtle for walks. My poor tortellini, sits and mopes in her cage all day. It’s warm outside now, so I could take her out to the backyard where she can sit and mope in the not-simulated sunlight, but I seem to only think of it after the sun has gone down. Like right now, at 10:30 at night…

Free time for playing with my kitties! I love my havok and forge, and some days, they decide I might be ok. I used to have a laser pointer that they LOVED, but I put it in my pocket one day, and it went through the wash. Didn’t work so well after that. Actually, didn’t work at all, as I recall.

Free time for playing with my money. I love Quicken! More than any healthy person probably should. I love all the little graphs and charts it makes, I love the way it keeps track of all my bills, I love that it keeps up with all my loans. In short, I love that it keeps track of one of my obsessions, in one little tool.

Free time for blogging! Blogging is the best thing ever. Everyone should blog, it’s so much fun. Even without fans. Which, I would know, as I have no fans… I take that back – I do have fans – but they are either related to me, or they work with me, or they work with my husband. I have to admit, though, it makes it a little more fun, when people talk to me about things I said on my blog. It also reminds me not to be *too* truthful.

Free time for landscaping. I have grand plans to tear out all the plants in my front yard (exept for the 2 trees), install a raised flowerbed, and then fill that flowerbed with rocks. And sand. In true Japanese fashion. (I’m part Japanese. I promise. So I’m totally allowed to have a rock garden.)

Free time for reading! The only time I ever read anymore is when I fly somewhere. Especially when I fly to Washington to visit the folks. Washington to Washington is quite the day of flying…

Free time for planning my brothers’ lives! It’s a never-ending task, as they never seem to like the plans I make for them, so it requires constant revisions.

Free time for camping. I’m actually going this weekend- I’m really excited to sleep on the ground, not shower, and smell like a campfire. There’s just nothing else quite like it.

Free time for picking up NEW hobbies! In the last year, I’ve taken up blogging, knitting, mac mini-ing, and landscaping. The year before, I took up WOW. The year before that, I took up (and DROPPED, it’s really not all the fun it’s cracked up to be) wedding planning. There are just too many things out there to try, to only stick with one thing. Unfortunately, when you keep liking the things you try, it does get to be a challenge to keep up with everything. I think I’ve invented a new hobby: collecting hobbies.

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