don’t tell my mom . . .

But I’m making a comic book. Of my wedding. I found a real life comic book publisher that will make me 2 authentic comic books for $40, once I send him the files. That might sound a little steep, but it’s a for real publisher, with all the fancy paper and what not. He’s basically selling me two ‘proofs’, with the understanding that I don’t want to do a real run. Because, honestly, who besides my husband will enjoy a comic book of the most special day of my life?

So now I have two dilemmas: writing the story, and turning my wedding photos into cartoony pics.

The story, you may think, already exists. But who wants to read about bridesmaid blunders (groom’s ring in the trash) or DJ mishaps (I almost got to walk down the aisle to Turtle Power) in a comic book? Comic books are for mutant powers and saving the world from ultimate destruction. So now I just have to decide what super powers I want to have, and how I’m going to use them to save the world. I suppose my husband can have some powers, too…

So, the second dilemma: cartoony pics. I have gimp, which has a built-in cartoon filter. It works GREAT on some pics (me and husband in front of the Houston temple, the building behind us is amazing) but not so great on others. I need to play with it some more to make all my pics look equally cartoony.

I have a comic book maker, courtesy of apple, that came pre-installed on my mac mini. It even exports pages to pdf, which is perfect for sending to my newfound publisher.

Time to get cracking!

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